Promoting Inclusivity in the Campus

A one-of-a-kind shop that employs and trains students with autism

A one-of-a-kind shop that trains and employs students with autism

A campus store led by WCU students

Did you know that there is a unique convenience store at West Chester University (WCU)? The Ram Shop employs students with autism and equips them with critical job skills fit for any empowering work setting. It is the first teaching model of its kind in the U.S. that supports college degree-seeking students who are on the autism spectrum.

The Ram Shop, located on the campus of West Chester University (WCU) is a one-of-a-kind, student-run convenient store. Dub-C Autism Program (D-CAP), a support program for matriculated students on the autism spectrum at WCU, partnered with Student Services, Incorporated (SSI) to provide a unique opportunity to university students.

The Ram Shop has a three-part mission:
1). Employ university students and provide sensitivity training to better prepare them for working with or for a person with autism
2). Employ students of D-CAP
3). Provide an employment-readiness program for students of D-CAP to enhance skills to apply to work at Ram Shop or across campus and the community.

The Result of a Genuine Partnership

The partnership between West Chester University's Dub-C Autism Program (D-CAP) and Student Services, Inc. (SSI) resulted in the establishment of The Ram Shop. Run by WCU students, this inclusive program employs D-CAP students as well as non D-cap WCU students.

D-cap students are working within positons of cashier and marketing or participating in the work-readiness program. The latter will be eventually employed in the store or other partner establishments across the campus. On the other hand, non D-cap students participate in sensitivity training to effectively work with D-cap students.


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How Their Autism-Friendly Space Functions

The Ram Shop has two floors that serve different purposes. On the first level is the convenience store, where the students work, train, and practice social and professional skills. D-CAP, which is a University support program, is located on the second floor. This level is a friendly area and is used by students to study, perform group activities, and work on their living-learning goals.

Get in Touch

The student employees at The Ram Shop would love to hear your thoughts. Share with them your comments and suggestions about their teaching-working program today.