Dub-C Autism Program at West Chester University

Dub-C Autism Program provides supports to degree-seeking West Chester University students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Mission Statement

The mission of D-CAP is to build an inclusive and accepting campus community to better support the experience and success of our degree-seeking students with ASD through indirect and direct supports.

  • Provide indirect supports to create a welcoming and supportive campus environment by raising awareness and acceptance of ASD. D-CAP provides training opportunities to all members of campus (faculty, staff, and peers).
  • Provide direct supports in the 5 key areas of: executive functioning, self-care, inter-personal skills, self-advocacy, and employment readiness. Supports are provided via skill development and group sessions as well as social opportunities.


  • Have a place to belong. Come and hang out, meet others with ASD, and engage in social opportunities (on and off campus).
  • Have a judgement free environment to ask questions, discuss experiences, and better understand the changes - of lifestyle/education/social interactions when going to college.
  • Learn functional, independent adult living skills (including organization and time management).
  • Learn professional skills to enhance job searching, resume building, and employment sustainability.